Barefoot Beekeeping Co. provides customizable honeybee hive host management services to the St. Petersburg area. Our services include: an initial consultation, a customized apiary plan, hive installation, routine health and management services, and honey harvesting and bottling. Individuals, farms, and businesses can experience the myriad benefits of beekeeping without the heavy lifting and long hours it requires. Our goal is to share all the joys and benefits of beekeeping, such as: pollination, biodiversity, and honey! Whether you are an individual interested in starting your beekeeping journey, a farm looking to increase crops with sustainable pollination services, or a corporation committed to supporting your community, we would love to work with you!



After you contact us, we will set up a time to visit your home, farm, or business and select an ideal location for your hive (or hives). The ideal location generally has:

  • Excellent drainage
  • Little to no shade or tree cover
  • Southern facing exposure
  • At least 25’ from neighbors or high traffic areas, or 6’ behind a fenced area

Once the perfect location has been selected, we will begin work on your customized apiary plan.


We will design a customized apiary plan for you. This plan will take into account your location, available space, foot traffic, and beekeeping goals. We will also integrate our notes from our consultation to ensure that we have the best possible plan for success.


Once we have selected a plan that works for you, the next step is to get your bees! We will prepare your hive (or hives) and bring a nucleus colony (commonly called a “nuc” by beekeepers) to get your new hive started. As part of our commitment to honeybee health and sustainable beekeeping, we will replace your bees if they should succumb to pest or disease. With the declining numbers of honeybee hives in the United States, we believe that it has never been more important to help our bees.

Health and Management Services

Throughout the year, we will conduct regular visits to ensure hive success. During these checks, we will be practicing swarm management, Varroa mite tests, disease management, re-Queening, feedings (as needed), and honey harvesting. After each inspection, you will receive a Health and Progress Report.

For individuals and farms, we offer mentorship for an additional fee. You will get to see a beekeeper in action, and we will teach you all about the bees as we conduct inspections. For corporate clients, we off team-building exercises for an additional fee. Sharing in these inspections and support camaraderie and environmental awareness!

Honey Harvesting

When the hive (or hives) has produced enough honey for us to collect excess without endangering bee health, we will extract and bottle it for you! Depending on the season, the flavor and notes of each crop and vary greatly. We will always consult with you and explain when we

think the best time to for each harvest, always keeping in mind that we are focused on bee health first.


Hive Host Management Services:

Our Hive Host Management Program fee is assessed annually at $900. This fee is based on bi-weekly and monthly inspections, depending on the time of year, and includes travel mileage, care, and equipment, including medication, pest management, and replacement queens.

In the United States, the annual rate of hive loss is approximately 33%. For this reason, we offer a discount for additional hives. The annual fee for each additional hive is $450. A second, third, or fourth hive allows us to share resources among them and ensures greater overall bee health and survival success for your hives.

Additionally, if a hive does fail during the year, we offer as part of our annual fee, a one-time replacement nuc for your hive.

For individuals, farms, and small businesses, we offer two options:

  • We can manage hives using equipment and bees that you purchase yourself. You will retain ownership of the hives throughout the hosting program, we will merely provide beekeeping services.
  • For a one-time fee of $500 per hive, we will provide all hive components, and a nucleus colony (commonly called a “Nuc” by beekeepers). The hive components include, a Hive Deep body, Honey Super, Queen excluder, Cover, Bottom Board, and Frames. We can provide a beeswax or painted hive, or, for the artists out there, we will provide an unpainted hive ahead of time for you to paint however you wish.

For corporations, we prefer to provide our own equipment and bees. Please email for a consultation and we will survey your property and provide an apiary plan and proposed program price.

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